Add Upgrades To Your Santa Letter
Order a Santa Letter, and you'll have the option to add additional upgrade items during the design process... at special pricing! See below.
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With our Santa Letter Designer you will be able to custom design the perfect letter
from Santa for that special someone this holiday season.  We have customers
year after year that order both for the little ones and the old ones that are still
young at heart.  With our custom Santa Letter Designer the possibilities are
endless.  Just 5 simple steps and you can be on your way to creating the perfect
"Santa Letter" this year.
Santa's North Pole Official Wax Seal
Santa's very own official wax seal.
In REAL WAX, placed right on the envelope.
With Gold Highlights!

High quality custom sealing wax is applied right to the envelope to seal the letter then his official seal from his special ring is applied right into the wax. What a precious conversation and keepsake piece this will make for a lifetime of memories.
Dressed In Santa's Best
Your "Nice List" Certificate
Is Dressed In Santa's Best
Really Impress Them This Year!

+ High Gloss Ultra Premium Paper
+ Full Size Red Metallic Paded Envelope 
+ Photo Quality & Never Folded
+ Clear Laminate Slip Cover
$3.99 - $34.99
Frosty's Magic Snow
The actual snow that made Frosty!

Using top secret techniques and magic formulas, the snow that actually fell from Santa's roof just last week is magically converted to a fine powder that just needs water adding to transform it back to white fluffy snow - and as if by magic the snow grows before your eyes up to an amazing 100 times its original size!
Official North Pole Mail Reindeer Food
Make the magic even more real this year!
A 4oz Package! New Reduced Price!
Filled With Magic Reindeer Food!

Includes a bag of Official North Pole Mail Reindeer Food.
"Just a sprinkle on the lawn at night.  The moon will make it sparkle bright.  As Santa's reindeer fly and roam, This treat will guide them to your home."
(Product contains Oats, Colored Cereal, and Gliiter)
Santa's Wish Angel
Heirloom Quality with Collectors Box!
Can Be Passed Down For Generations!
Santa's Wish Angel!
6 Inches Long

Santa's Wish Angel is a beautiful Christmas ornament that can be set on a table or hung on the tree.
"I Believe" Reindeer Bell
An actual out of service Christmas bell taken directly from Rudolph's sleigh harness.

When you believe in Santa's Sleigh, miracles on Christmas Day.
That the North Pole's full of tiny Elves, who make the toys and stock the shelves.
That magic happens Christmas Eve, when you hear the jingle and believe.
Then you're lucky through and through, because when you believe ...
Your dreams come true!  - Holly Reagan -
Color Me Santa
- Includes A Coloring Book

- Includes A Set Of 4 Festive Crayons

- Includes 2 Christmas Pencils

- Includes 2 Christmas Eraser Toppers
Autographed Night Before Christmas Classic Edition
+ GIANT Mettalic Red Bubble Mailer
+ Autographed and Personalized Hardback Night Before Christmas Book (Classic Edition)
+ Protective Book Cover
+ Clear Laminate Slip Cover For Photo

Santa's Magical House Key
Heirloom Quality with Keepsake Collectors Box!
Can Be Passed Down For Generations!
Not A Little Toy Key, This Is Santa's Real Key!
Pewter - 6 Inches Long
Make sure Santa finds everyone on his list - with or without a chimney.  Unlock your child's imagination during the holiday season!
Includes: Santa Key - Red Silk Ribbon - Keepsake Box - Story of how the key works.
Santa's Official Nice List Certificate
Standard Version:
Printed On The Same Crisp White Linen Paper As Your Letter.
Will Arrive Folded In The Same Envelope.

Deluxe Version:
+ High Gloss Ultra Premium Paper
+ Full Size Red Metallic Paded Envelope 
+ Photo Quality & Never Folded
+ Clear Laminate Slip Cover
* High Gloss Ultra Premium Paper and Large Red Mettalic Bubble Mailer included with the deluxe version only.
Standard Version $3.99 Deluxe Version $6.99
Fill Santa's Sleigh Sticker Scene
What will you find in Santa's sleigh? See for yourself!

This Santa's Sleigh Sticker scene is a great holiday activity for kids, includes 1 sticker sheet (11" x 8 1/2") with 42 repositionable stickers per sheet and 1 background. (11" x 8 1/2")
Baby's First Christmas Ornament with Swarovskia Crystals
Heirloom Quality

Our ever popular Baby's First Signature Round Ornament now come with beautiful SwarovskiaŽ Crystal highlights that will sparkle on this hammered heirloom that will be cherished for generations. Perfect way to commemorate the first year of a child's life. Size 3" x 5" Aluminum Ornament.