Privacy Policy Privacy Policy Privacy Policy Effective Date: This Privacy Policy became effective in January 1, 2009. This   is   the   privacy   policy   ("Privacy   Policy")   for   the   Web   site   located   at   (the   "Site") made   available   by   Internet   Innovations,   the   legal   owner   of   the   Site   (","   "we,"   "us"   or   "our").   This Privacy   Policy   sets   forth   our   policies   regarding   the   collection,   use   and   disclosure   of   certain   information   relating   to   your   use of the Site. Your use of this Site signifies your understanding and acceptance of the terms of this Privacy Policy. At   we   are   committed   to   protecting   the   privacy   of   our   customers,   which   is   why   we   do   not   sell or   rent   any   personal   identifiable   information   regarding   our   customers   to   any   third   party.   We   hope   the   policy   below   will answer   your   questions   regarding   how   we   treat   information   gathered   from   visitors   to   our   Site.   If   you   have   questions   or concerns   regarding   this   Privacy   Policy   or   wish   to   exclude   your   Personal   Information   from   our   direct   marketing   purposes, please   feel   free   to   contact   us   at    or   by   writing   to   us   at   Official   Easter   Bunny Mail, Attn: Customer Service - 27845 Gretta Circle Ardmore AL 35739 USA. This   Privacy   Policy   will   be   continuously   assessed   against   new   technologies,   business   practices   and   our   customers'   needs.   As we   update   and   diversify   our   products   and   services,   this   Privacy   Policy   may   evolve.   Please   check   this   page   for   updates periodically.   If   we   make   any   material   changes   to   this   Privacy   Policy,   we   will   notify   you   by   email   or   by   prominent   notice   on our   homepage   prior   to   the   changes   taking   effect.   Your   use   of   the   Site   following   any   posted   changes   to   the   Privacy   Policy indicates your acceptance of such changes. By   providing   any   Personal   Information   (as   defined   below)   to   this   Site,   you   fully   understand   and   unambiguously   consent   to the collection and processing of such information in the United States in accordance with this Privacy Policy. What Information We Collect In   order   to   process   your   order   efficiently,   we   collect   the   following   information:   name,   billing   address,   shipping   address,   e- mail   address,   phone   number,   and   credit   card   number   ("Personal   Information")   when   you   place   an   order   with   us.   Under certain   circumstances   we   may   also   collect   a   user's   IP   address   (i.e.,   the   Internet   number   associated   with   your   specific computer);   for   example   if   we   suspect   that   credit   card   fraud   may   have   occurred.   We   also   may   periodically   conduct   surveys   of visitors   to   our   Site.   This   helps   us   better   understand   what   our   customers   would   like   to   see   from   us.   We   use   this   information for   internal   marketing   research   purposes.   We   may   contact   you   if   you   responded   to   a   survey   for   more   information,   but   only if you have told us that you don't mind being contacted. With   respect   to   emails   that   you   may   receive   from   us,   we   capture   data   related   to   the   opening,   click-through   and   sales conversion process. This information is used for internal review and analysis only. We   may   choose   to   post   customer   testimonials   on   our   web   site   which   may   contain   personally   identifiable   information   such as   the   customer's   name.   We   do   obtain   the   customer's   consent   prior   to   posting   the   testimonial   to   post   their   name   along with their testimonial. If   you   use   a   bulletin   board,   blog,      or   chat   room   on   this   website,   you   should   be   aware   that   any   personally   identifiable information   you   submit   there   can   be   read,   collected,   or   used   by   other   users   of   these   forums,   and   could   be   used   to   send you   unsolicited   messages.   We   are   not   responsible   for   the   personally   identifiable   information   you   choose   to   submit   in   these forums.    To    request    removal    of    your    personal    information    from    our    blog    or    community    forum,    contact    us    at    In   some   cases,   we   may   not   be   able   to   remove   your   personal   information,   in which case we will let you know if we are unable to do so and why. Use of Information that You Provide At   we   collect   Personal   Information   only   for   the   purposes   of   fulfilling   orders,   providing   a   high level   of   customer   service,   gaining   knowledge   internally   regarding   what   our   customers   want   and   mailing   circulars   and special    offers    from    (collectively,    "Information    Usage    Purposes").    We    do    not    sell    Personal Information and we do not disclose Personal Information to any other party, except as set forth in this Privacy policy. Sharing of Your Information With Our Partners We   may   share   your   Personal   Information   with   our   employees   and   with   companies   acting   as   our   authorized   agents   or partners   in   providing   our   service   or   co-branded   services   (e.g.,   credit   card   processing   and   customer   and   support   services   -     i.e.;      PayPal)      to   you   and   for   Information   Usage   Purposes.   These   companies   agree   to   use   such   Personal   Information   only   for such    specified    purposes.    Each    partner    must    agree    to    implement    and    maintain    reasonable    security    procedures    and practices   appropriate   to   the   nature   of   your   Personal   Information   in   order   to   protect   your   Personal   Information   from unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure. At we go to great lengths to maintain accurate personal information. To update/correct any of your collected personal information, please contact us at:, or contact us via phone at: 1-205-641-1222 We   will   retain   your   information   for   as   long   as   your   account   is   active   or   as   needed   to   provide   you   services.   If   you   wish   to cancel    your    account    or    request    that    we    no    longer    use    your    information    to    provide    you    services    contact    us    at .   We   will   retain   and   use   your   information   as   necessary   to   comply   with   our   legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements. Release of Information to Protect Our Site and Others   reserves   the   right   to   disclose   your   personally   identifiable   information   as   required   by   law   and when   we   believe   that   disclosure   is   necessary   to   protect   our   rights   and/or   comply   with   a   judicial   proceeding,   court   order,   or legal process served on our Web site. Change of Ownership If   is   involved   in   a   merger,   acquisition,   or   sale   of   all   or   a   portion   of   its   assets,   you   will   be notified   via   email   and/or   a   prominent   notice   on   our   Web   site   of   any   change   in   ownership   or   uses   of   your   personal information, as well as any choices you may have regarding your personal information. How to Opt-out We   ask   that   you   tell   us   when   you   do   not   wish   to   receive   periodic   e-mails   from   us.   We   will   only   send   e-mail   for   customer service   purposes   and   to   those   visitors   who   have   indicated   that   they   wish   to   receive   other   types   of   e-mail   from   us.   If   at   any time   you   wish   to   stop   receiving   e-mail   from   us,   you   can   always   remove   your   name   from   our   mailing   list   by   sending   an   e- mail   to   stating   that   you   wish   to   unsubscribe   and   indicating   in   the   subject   line of the e-mail "NO E-MAIL". If   at   any   time   you   do   not   want   to   receive   offers   and/or   circulars   from   us,   you   can   always   remove   yourself   from   our   mailing list   by   sending   an   e-mail   to ,   indicating   "NO   SNAIL   MAIL"   in   the   subject   line along with your name, address and zip code. Security of the Information You Provide Among   our   top   priorities   is   keeping   your   Personal   Information   secure.   We   use   Secure   Sockets   Layer   (SSL)   technology   to encrypt   all   of   your   Personal   Information   before   it   is   transmitted   to   us.   Encrypted   information   cannot   be   read   or   recorded   as it   travels   over   the   Internet.   You   can   tell   you   are   sending   information   securely   by   the   unbroken   key   icon   or   closed   lock   icon that   should   appear   at   the   bottom   of   your   Internet   browser's   window   (depending   on   what   browser   you   use).   These   icons   will appear   when   you   are   placing   an   order   on   our   Site.   In   addition,   you   will   see   our   Site   address   change   slightly,   from   http:   to https:   indicating   a   secure   server   connection   is   being   used.   The   computers   that   store   your   Personal   Information   are   located in   a   separate   facility   which   employs   the   latest   in   firewall   and   security   technology.   We   employ   these   procedures   to   protect your Personal Information from unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure. Your   Personal   Information   will   be   stored   and   processed   on   our   computers   in   the   United   States.   The   laws   on   holding Personal   Information   in   the   United   States   may   vary   and   be   less   stringent   than   laws   of   your   state   or   country.   We   will   use commercially    reasonable    efforts    to    hold    and    transmit    your    Personal    Information    in    a    safe,    confidential    and    secure environment.   If   you   object   to   your   Personal   Information   being   transferred   or   used   in   this   manner   please   do   not   register with or use the Site. ALTHOUGH    WE    WILL    TAKE    (AND    REQUIRE    OUR    THIRD-PARTY    PROVIDERS    TO    TAKE)    REASONABLE    SECURITY PRECAUTIONS   REGARDING   YOUR   PERSONAL   INFORMATION   COLLECTED   FROM   AND   STORED   ON   THE   SITE,   BECAUSE OF   THE   OPEN   NATURE   OF   THE   INTERNET,   WE   CANNOT   GUARANTEE   THAT   ANY   OF   YOUR   PERSONAL   INFORMATION STORED   ON   OUR   SERVERS,   OR   TRANSMITTED   TO   OR   FROM   A   USER,   WILL   BE   FREE   FROM   UNAUTHORIZED   ACCESS. ACCORDINGLY,   WE   DISCLAIM   ANY   LIABILITY   FOR   ANY   THEFT   OR   LOSS   OF,   UNAUTHORIZED   ACCESS   OR   DAMAGE   TO, OR    INTERCEPTION    OF    ANY    DATA    OR    COMMUNICATIONS.    BY    USING    THE    SITE,    YOU    ACKNOWLEDGE    THAT    YOU UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO ASSUME THESE RISKS. Use of Cookies We   use   cookies   to   provide   our   customers   with   streamlined   ordering   and   other   useful   features.   Cookies   are   pieces   of information   that   are   stored   by   your   browser   on   your   computer's   hard   drive.   Cookies   make   Web   surfing   easier   for   you   by saving   your   customer   identification   information   while   you're   at   our   Site.   The   use   of   cookies   has   become   an   industry standard   used   by   most   major   Web   sites.   Most   Web   browsers   automatically   accept   cookies,   but   you   can   usually   change   your browser to prevent that. All   portions   of   the   Site   that   prompt   you   to   log   in   or   that   are   customizable   require   that   you   accept   cookies.   We   may   use cookies   technology   to   reduce   the   time   required   for   you   to   submit   your   requests   and   for   to respond   to   such   requests.   Cookies   will   not   be   used   by   us   to   retrieve   any   information   about   you,   or   from   your   computer, that   you   have   not   voluntarily   given   to   us.   Cookies   and   web   beacons,   tiny   graphics   with   a   unique   identifier   that   are   used   to track   the   online   movements   of   Web   users,   may   also   be   placed   on   your   computer   if   you   link   from   the   Site   to   our   partners' Web    sites.    Cookies    placed    on    your    computer    by    third    parties    or    through    the    third    party    Site    are    not    within    immediate    control    and    are    not    subject    to    this    Privacy    Policy.    If    you    have    any    questions concerning   third-party   cookies,   please   contact   the   third   party   placing   such   cookies   to   find   out   what   information   is   collected and   how   it   is   used.      OFFICIALEASTERBUNNYMAIL.COM   ASSUMES   NO   RESPONSIBILITY   OR   LIABILITY   FOR   ANY   THIRD-PARTY COOKIES. Please   be   aware   that   although   you   may   be   able   to   elect   not   to   accept   cookies   through   certain   browser   functionality,   the features of our Site may not function properly if you do not accept cookies. Use of Information in Contests. Occasionally,   we   may   run   a   promotion   such   as   a   contest,   and   you   will   be   given   the   opportunity   to   enter   by   filling   out   an entry    form.    Your    entry    information    will    be    used    for    the    immediate    purpose    of    notification    in    connection    with    the sweepstakes   or   contest,   in   the   event   you   win,   and   sometimes   address   information   may   be   used   to   verify   identity.   If   you choose   to   enter   such   a   promotion,   you   may   also   have   the   opportunity   to   consent   to   receive   future   communications   from     Since     we     value     your     privacy,     you     will     always     have     the     opportunity     to     stop     such communications by opting-out, as detailed above. Intended Users - Use By Children All products available for sale on the website are intended to be purchased by adults. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under 13 years of age. will promptly delete information provided by a child. Simply contact us at Links to Other Web Sites The   Site   may   also   contain   links   to   other   Web   sites   and   advertising.   The   privacy   policies   of   other   Web   site   operators   or advertisers   may   significantly   differ   from   our   Privacy   Policy.   We   urge   you   to   contact   third-party   Web   site   operators   or advertisers     directly     if     you     have     any     questions     or     concerns     about     their     data     collection     or     privacy     policies. OFFICIALEASTERBUNNYMAIL.COM     ASSUMES     NO     RESPONSIBILITY     OR     LIABILITY     FOR     ANY     THIRD-PARTY     WEB     SITE OPERATORS' OR ADVERTISERS' DATA COLLECTION PRACTICES OR THEIR FAILURE TO ABIDE BY THEIR PRIVACY POLICIES. IDAuthority Privacy Program   has   been   awarded   Comodo's   IDAuthority   Privacy   Seal   signifying   that   this   privacy   policy   and practices   have   been   reviewed   by   Comodo   for   compliance   with   Comodo's   program   requirements   including   transparency,     accountability   and   choice   regarding   the   collection   and   use   of   your   personal   information.   Official   Easter   Bunny   Mail   holds   a website   identity   assurance   warranty   of   $50,000.   This   means   that   you   are   insured   for   up   to   $50,000   when   relying   on   the information       provided       by       IdAuthority       on       this       site.       This       privacy       statement       covers       the       Web       site If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, you should first contact at  Your Acceptance of These Terms By   using   our   Site,   you   agree   to   the   terms   and   conditions   of   this   Privacy   Policy.   Make   sure   you   read   this   Privacy   Policy carefully,   because   if   you   do   choose   to   use   our   Site,   you   automatically   agree   to   this   Privacy   Policy.   If   you   do   not   agree   to   this Privacy   Policy,   please   do   not   use   our   Site.   We   reserve   the   right,   at   our   discretion,   to   change,   modify,   add,   or   remove   portions of   this   Privacy   Policy   at   any   time.   If   this   Privacy   Policy   changes   in   the   future,   we   will   let   you   know   by   posting   the   new   Privacy Policy   on   our   Site   or   by   sending   an   email   to   our   opt-in   list.   Please   check   this   Web   page   periodically   for   changes.   Your continued use of our Site following the posting of changes to these terms and conditions will mean you accept the changes contained in the latest published Privacy Policy. 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