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The Key to Christmas
Celebrate the season with this beautiful Key to Christmas. Create a meaningful way to put Christ back in Christmas by hanging it on your tree, or by adding it to your holiday home decor by hanging them on your door handles. They also make for a wonderful gift or giveaway item set. Material: Resin Size: 5-1/2" H Includes: One Key to Christmas - Red Silk Ribbon - Keep Safe Box (with story). THE KEY TO CHRISTMAS Long ago and far away God sent a baby boy; cradled in a manger to fill the world with joy. God sent him for a reason, a journey was in mind; to show us how to live our lives and save all of mankind. He sent him with this message for his children needed help. Put God before all others; love your neighbor as thyself. You never should judge others if you choose not to be judged and that there's nothing perfect, except God's grace and love. This is the key to Christmas to hang high upon your tree. To not forget what really counts ...... and keep God close to thee. - "Holly Reagan"
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THE KEY TO CHRISTMAS with Keep Safe Box Silver Box / Antique Finish Resin Key (Styles may vary) Recommended Ages 4 to 120 years $14.99 In Stock
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