About The Northlands

The nations of the Northlands are steeped in eldritch history, and are often—quite literally— built upon the ruins of those that came before them. The mightiest citadels stand on the ruins of dwarfholds, holy sanctums are built atop fallen rings of druidic stones, and loggers harvest timber from faehaunted glades. Every spring a farmer uncovers new ruins beneath his fields, often warded in dead languages unknown to modern sages. The past is the North’s constant companion, dark-cowled and mysterious, revealing tales of high sorcery, heroism, and slumbering horrors at her leisure.

A careful study of these ruins, and of the scrolls and tomes brought back by explorers, reveals that the kings of men are not the first to rule the Northlands. Some legends speak of ancient races and gods familiar to scholars, while others whisper of foul cults and forbidden powers.

Sages debate these epochs endlessly, but all can agree that the current age is rightly called the Reign of Man.

Whether by mortal ambition or some mystic turning of the cosmos, the power of the Gods has waned, permitting the rise of heroes, and granting men, elves, dwarves, and the wee-folk the freedom to fashion their own destinies.

This waning has also ushered in a new host of threats and dangers. The marauding armies of the Scourgelands threaten the heart of the civilized world, barbarians raid with greater frequency each spring thaw, and shrieking comets tumble from the night sky; witches, seers, and astrologers alike presage a time of coming darkness.

It remains to be seen whether this is a prelude to an age of prosperity and peace, or an end to humanity’s reign.