Climates and Seasons

The Northlands encompass ecologies ranging from the temperate grasslands and vales of Crieste to the inhospitable wastes of the north. Climates and seasons are dependent largely on latitude and precipitation, with certain marked exceptions due to geographic and magical anomalies.

The Criestine Empire and the other nations adjacent to the Lirean Sea enjoy mild summers, brief winters, and long springs and autumns. Dense stands of deciduous hardwoods offer sturdy beams for shipbuilding, while fertile soils provide abundant crops and grasslands for cattle and sheep.

Moving north, the climate grows steadily cooler, reflected by a marked hardiness in the people and beasts. The Warlands, renowned for their wealth of natural resources, expect deep winters with heavy snowfall and months of isolation. The summers, unmitigated by the cooling Lirean Sea, can be equally severe, and times of hardship force farmers to augment their crops and herds with wild game. The deciduous forests slowly give way to primeval coniferous stands and the mighty Ashwood groves.

East, across the vast ranges of the Ul Dominor Mountains, are the Mirdar-Luminar Steppes. The little moisture that reaches the steppes is brought by raging storms that sweep down from Hoarfrost Bay. In years of drought, the steppes become a vast tinderbox, and wildfires rage up and down the high prairie, tainting the air for hundreds of leagues in every direction and shading the sunsets the color of spilled blood.

North of both the Mirdar-Luminar Steppes and the Warlands are endless swaths of high tundra, gnarled oak, and icy wastes. Here the temperature retreats below freezing every night of the year, and savage beasts swarm the land. While hunters, outlaws, and hermits choose to make their home in the forbidding wastes, they are the exception, not the rule.