People & Creatures Encountered

An air elemental bound in a majestic pipe organ by Lyria Sorrowsong.

The Iron Manacle’s contact in Cillamar, he runs his operation out of Umberwood Coffins.

Albrecht Skullshank
A human summoner of unspeakable evil, lies imprisoned in a sheath of crystal, deep within the bowels of a long-abandoned mine.  Or so say the legends.  No one knows where this mine is and its whereabouts where hidden from the world.
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Arden Brightheart
A reknowned Paladin of Honorous and the one who defeated Dread Watcher even in death.

The Cillamar town drunk who tells fanciful (though true) tales of being captured by slavers during a pilgrimage to Castle Whiterock. Also a disavowed Monk.

Azrod, the Dying
A frail old 7th level wizard that is way beyond his years that has been cheating death by herbs and magical treatments, in pursuit of Lichdom. First encountered in the sewers below The Free City of Soul Grave, as part of a task force designed to capture or kill the party.  He managed to get away via a gaseous form spell.  Current location is unknown.

Benthoc (DECEASED)
The insane troglodyte half-son of Benthosruthsa.

A fearsome red dragon who reigned terror down on Cillamar several centuries ago.

Blood Whisker (DECEASED)
A Fiendish Human Wererat Rogue that tried to take The Eye of Night for himself during the battle for Fairweather.

Bloody Star Tribe
Bugbear mercenaries from Mount Rolnith who were hired by Drugila for extra muscle.

Boss Bomar
Unofficial master of the streets of the Free City of Soulgrave, Boss Bomar rules with a delicate balance of crude humor and quick violence. Despite his appearance as a carefree brute, Bomar seldom takes an action without considering its consequences. He simply analyzes situations so quickly that most assume that he doesn’t think at all. The barrel-chested half-orc is seldom seen without his escorts: lovely harlots that double as well-paid assassins.

Broken Tusk Orcs
An orc tribe long been associated with this area, and the precursors of the White Roc orcs.

Chu-thuk (DECEASED)
A sorcerer of the White Talon orcs.

5th Level Half-Orc Ranger encountered in the sewers under The Free City of Soulgrave.  Suspected to be a member of a slaver band.  Had Goblins for underlings when encountered.

Cinderalis (“Cinder”) (DECEASED)
A red dragon tended by the trogs on level 4. It’s little more than a savage beast at this point.

The bouncer at the Inn of the Slumbering Drake.

Company of the Black Osprey
The fabled company of adventurers who cleared out Castle Whiterock in days of yore: Pelltar, Nimboltin, Lythe, General Koborth, and Vallisneria.

Ankiel’s raven familiar, often used to deliver messages to the slavers at Castle Whiterock.

Dread Watcher (DECEASED)
A psedo-lich created by it's master Skullshank.  Was pinned to the wall of Arden Brighthearts tomb by the sword of conviction.

Drugila (DECEASED)
A giant-touched orc and a descendent from the original White Roc orcs; she currently seeks the figurine of the White Roc.

Fellowship of the Humbled Hen
A company of adventurers that disbanded while inside Castle Whiterock.

Findle Glimer
The brother of Katanya Glimer; Also some kind of gem cutter. Employed by Glokta.

Every town has its share of notable eccentric citizens. one hundred twenty years ago, none were more eccentric that a man who came to be known simply as “Fortune.” Known for his uncanny luck, Fortune amassed great wealth through shrewd trade
and what some called an unnatural nose for the next great deal. Said to be a stern but generous man, Fortune often preached the value of making one’s own way in the world. Before his death, Fortune built himself an expansive tomb, making it widely known that the key to his fortune would be found by any bold enough to attempt to breach the tomb.  The adventuring party breached the tomb and recovered the fortune.

General Koborth
One of the original members of the Company of the Black Osprey adventuring party.  A male human 19th-level fighter and leader of the Company. Koborth was mighty in battle and uncommonly faithful to his companions. When he was made a general, he helped clear out the Northlands for human habitation and brought civilization to the wild.

Genth family
A family—Ren, Carlia, and little Jath—abducted by reptilian folks from Fairweather.

The trollhound handler and breeder.

Gotlieb (DECEASED)
Inn Keeper and owner of the only Inn in The Free City of Soulgrave.  Was a former meber of the slaving band located in the city.  He was killed for helping the adventuring company.

A Cillamar barfly and dart-throwing expert.  Usually located at the Inn of the Slumbering Drake.

A dust mephit spy employed by the Impresario to keep tabs on the White Talon orcs—and potentially a recurring thorn in the party’s side.

Grizzlisk (DECEASED)
The troglodyte champion of level 4.

Honorus (GOD)
The god of Might and Honor, Honorus is lawful good. He is known far and wide as a pillar of all things righteous. In addition to honor, he represents conviction, righteousness, loyalty, and noble sacrifice. His followers are strong in hand and heart, and he counts an unusually high number of paladins among their ranks. The domains he is associated with are Good, Law, Protection, and Strength. His favored weapon is the bastard sword, and paladins and clerics of Honorus automatically receive proficiency in the bastard sword at first level. Honorus’ symbol is a four-pointed equilateral cross, symbolizing a moral compass.

A slave of the orcs, this simple fighter could join the heroes.

Ikenvar (DECEASED)
The leader of the slavers of the Iron Manacle based at Castle Whiterock; (DECEASED)

A pseudodragon commonly believed to be the “slumbering drake” of the inn of that name; Lady Chauntessa’s familiar.

Jarson Tender
The former keeper of the Arden Brightheart crypt. Starved to death in his saferoom by minions of the dread Watcher.  He has now become a ghost.

Justicia (GODDESS)
A goddess of mercy and righteousness, and patron to many paladins, including the Order of the Sundered Scale.

Kaernga (DESEASED)
Assumed leadership of the White Talon orcs after the break with Drugila; he runs a quartz mining operation on level 2.

Katanya (“Kat”) Glimer
The sister of Findle Glimer;

Lady Chauntessa
A human sorceress, and the proprietor of the Inn of the Slumbering Drake. An enemy of Benthosruthsa, she is a likely patron for the heroes.

Lord Mirias Stormwarden
The current ruler of Morrain; he ascended to the throne after his father was assassinated.
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Lyria Sorrowsong
The deceased drow bard who created the Sorrowsong Instruments and trapped Aeraelith in the pipe organ in area 4-4.

A kidnapped resident of Cillamar.

Lythe Abysstalker
One of the original members of the Company of the Black Osprey adventuring party.  Lythe was a female aasimar 18thlevel cleric dedicated to Justicia, the goddess of justice.  As befitting her surname, Lythe had a penchant for hunting down fiends and other outsiders. Her unforgiving, relentless nature led to a fracture with the rest of the Company over Pelltar’s Demonhold.  Lythe’s final fate is undetermined.

Melchin (DECEASED)
An ally of Ikenvar assisting the slavers to appear as monks.

One of the forgers of the Melosiran Rings.

A short minotaur mercenary working for the White Talon orcs; he is afraid of the dark and only has one horn.

Mortimer Umberwood* (DECEASED)
The former owner of Umberwood Coffins in Cillamar; killed by Ankiel, who has assumed his identity.

Nimboltin (“Nim”) Softstep
One of the original members of the Company of the Black Osprey adventuring party.  A male halfling 17th-level rogue. Nim was a master trapmaker and an impish sort, who delighted in antagonizing the stuffy Pelltar.

Nori, Lori, Mori, and Stori
Four sprites who act as the cleaning crew of the Inn of the Slumbering Drake.

Or'dimisas of Kassantia
The head sage and librarian of Cillamar.

A bugbear chieftain of the Bloody Star Tribe who leases muscle to the White Roc orcs.

One of the original members of the Company of the Black Osprey adventuring party.  A male human 16th-level conjurer/3rd-level archmage. Pelltar specialized in teleportation and summoning magic, and erected the strange obelisks that can be found in the countryside surrounding Castle Whiterock.  It is rumored that he perished in the castle ruins while preparing a burial chamber for himself.  It is also rumored that he had something to do with the strange magical properties of the castle and why some summoning spells in the area do not seem to function correctly.

A traveling potion salesman who frequents the Inn of the Slumbering Drake.

Robgrut (DECEASED)
An alchemist loyal to Drugila who creates stenchpots and other devices for use and sale.

Rorshantz (DECEASED)
5th Level LE Cleric encountered in the sewers under The Free City of Soulgrave.  Suspected to be a member of a slaver band.  Had Hobgoblins for underlings when encountered. Also summoned a bearded devil.  He was killed by the adventuring company in the same sewers.

Sapphira Silverhue
Brie's girlfriend and companion.

The pale, waxy-skinned humanoid is less that hall the size of a human, with oversized pads on the ends of its fingers, stringy muscles, and large bulbous eyes. Its dislended jaw works up and down of its own accord, and the foul creature giggles softly to itself as it advances.

Sir Ivanos
Captain of the Lantern Watch in Cillamar.

Thistle's Animal Companion and a very sharp toothed badger.

Spider Mother (DECEASED)
A bloated female spider “pet” of the troglodytes on level 4.

The slave taskmaster of the White Talon orcs.

Tarkhan Khurzog
The fearsome overlord of the Scourge is a demon-blooded orge-mage of unmatched ambition and cruelty. The unholy offspring of a minor demon and an ogre-mage witch, Khurzog is a master at pitting the nations of the North against one another. By turning the suspicious, untrusting natures of kings to his advantage, the Tarkhan and his armies marched through the Northlands like a storm, toppling ancient nations and razing whole cities for their pleasure.

The kings of the civilized lands look to the North, praying that the Tarkhan’s greed is sated, all the while knowing that the next war is not a matter of if, but when. For now Khurzog patiently bides his time in Azmog-Azmennum, studying his enemies and plotting his next campaign. The demon-ogre can afford to be patient: Each day the might of his armies grows and the courage of his enemies weakens.

The Fairweather druidic commune’s leader, Thistle, is a sentient plant being of a race known as the thornblood, and is a powerful druid in his own right. Thistle has come to the aid of heroes on numerous occasions, providing them with shelter, food, and healing in his humble home.

A duergar bookkeeper employed by The Impresario.

Vallisneria Forestfriend
One of the original members of the Company of the Black Osprey adventuring party.  A half-elf 18th-level druid who eventually became a cleric of Ildavir. Keenly interested in the creation of the world.