To keep things the simpliest, without rule bloat and to keep Power Gamers out, the following books and rule changes effect this campaign.  Any information in a rulebook not listed here that you wish to use must be approved by the DM prior to using it for character creation or in a gaming session.
Why The Suppliment Book Limitations? and What Are The Books Of Experimental Might?

First off, there is just to many suppliments out there to keep up with them all, while one player maybe very used to working with one but another player may have never seen it, it gets confusing, causes game unbalance, causes to many book look ups in a gaming session and just weights the entire gaming experience down as a whole.

With the books of experimental might we have loosened some reigns changed some of the core mechanics to make this fun and I can give everyone there very own copy before we start so everyone has a copy. Some of the changes that the books of experimental might covers are:

These include a spell progression system that ranks spells from levels 1 to 20, new rules for healing and curative magic, magical disciplines for spellcasters that always give them an active power and a way to contribute, and much more.

Includes a new base class, the runeblade, for players wanting a character that combines magic and martial skill without the use of spells. New rules for wizards, clerics, druids, paladins, and rangers are provided, offering each class magical disciplines like Godhammer, Eldritch Bolt, and Nature's Senses. And, of course, the books also offers dozens of new spells, feats, and magic items.

Inherent within all the rule changes in the books is the idea that characters should be able to keep adventuring longer than the rules currently allow. Disciplines, more ample healing, and the other experiments in this supplement help bring down the barriers -- like casters running out of spells and characters running low on hit points -- that traditionally make parties stop to rest before they really want to.

New rules for fighting domains: areas of specialization like Two-Weapon Fighting, Mounted Combat, and Fighting Dirty, as well as techniques based on agility, speed, strength, and intellect. The 15 domains provide new abilities to fighter types willing to devote themselves to a focused path.

A retooling of the feat system, with three new concepts -- double feats, oblation feats, and uberfeats -- and dozens of new choices.

Special benefits for choosing a feat as a fighter bonus feat, reinstating the fighter class as the king of feats.

More combat choices than just swing and hit, or swing and miss, a method for "boosting" feats for extra benefits, new Grace/Health system.
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