Adventure Timeline

This timeline does not go back to the beginning of the campaign.  Instead it picks up in the year 2012 where you are at now.

Refer to the Crieste Empire Calendar for months and day references.

In the year 1022 after the founding of Morrain

Neth 19th - 20th - Used the portal to transport to The Free City of Soulgrave to investigate rumors of a slave ring.  Currently traped in the sewers have run into a few ambushes, the slavers must know we are here.  We have now learned of a plot to capture or kill us by the father of Blood Whisker, the wererat we killed in Fairweather that was holding the druid leader hostage and had The Eye of the Night".

Pharast 9th - Neth 19th - Level training for 5th level.

Pharast 8th & 9th - Retun trip from the castle to Cillamar

Pharast 7th - Continuing to explore level 4 at this time after camping. Routed the Troglodyte's warriors and their champion Grizzlisk. After learning of a Young Red Dragon that has gotten loose on the level and now blocks their return path they have camped to regain strength to confront the dragon. Comfronted and slayed the Dragon.

Pharast 6th - Re-entered Castle Whiterock and began exploring level 4.  Ran into a tribe of Troglodytes including woman and children.  After breaching their leader's lair which turned out to be an insane half-dragon named Benthoc.  We slayed him and his zombie menions and camped in his chamber.

Pharast 31st thru Gozran 5th - Peperation for Darsus's funeral and return trip to Whiterock to explore level 4 of the Castle.

Pharast 30th - Visiting Brighthawk Castle on their way back to the crypt, they learned all about a group of Paladins called The Knights of the Lance and about a army of monsters they were fighting called The Scourge.  After their education lesson they also learned all about Liches and got information on different kingdoms and settlements along with a map of the world.  Thus they returned to the crypt and defeated the Lich and recovered Darsus's body.

Pharast 29th - Arriving back in Arvale City the group rested, healed and resupplied.  They learned of a Keep called Castle Brighthawk they maybe of some assistance and since it was on the way they should visit there before returning to the crypt.

Pharast 28th - Re-entering the tomb the group encountered a Wraith minion to what they learned was a Psedo-Lich deeper in the crypt.  Upon defeating the wraith they continued on to the burial crypt of Arden Brightheart and encountered the Psedo-Lich.  Before they could do much Darsus, the party Cleric had fallen to a surprise Lich attack and with his menions managed to drive the party away from the tomb.  Defeated and broken hearted the group retreated back to Arvale City.

Pharast 27th - Arriving in Blessings-Be they found the people of the small town to be distant, scared and withdrawn so they headed on over to the tomb of Arden Brightheart to see what the disturbance was.  They entered the tomb and dealt with some undead and discovered the ghost of Jarson Tender inside before retreating to the safety of the outside and camping.

Pharast 26th - The group learned of the portal system and how to use it from Thistle. The group then traveled through the portal to Arvale City in the Theocracy of the Lance to follow up on strange activities at the tomb of Arden Brightheart at the request of Darsus, the party Cleric. Immediately upon arriving they headed straight for Blessings-Be.

Abadius 1st thru Pharast 25th - The group spent this 12 week period training and honing their skills for 4th level.