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DELUXE KIT Get Both The Evidence Kit & Official Sleigh License $29.99 In Stock
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Official North Pole Mail Evidence Kit These       Official       North       Pole       Mail Evidence   Kits   are   an   ingenious   way   to convince   your   kids   that   Santa   made   a personal    visit    to    your    home.    We    all remember     how     magical     it     was     to believe   in   Santa,   and   to   expect   those special   presents   under   the   tree.   This season,    enchant    your    children    with the   Official   North   Pole   Mail   Evidence kit,   complete   with   everything   you   need to   make   it   look   like   Mr.   Claus   stopped by   at   midnight.   Included   in   this   Official North     Pole     Mail     Evidence     Kit     are glasses,    best    dressed    tree    ribbon,    a coat   button,   a   jingle   bell,   toy   list,   glove, bootprint   stencil   ,   and   even   a   tube   of our   exclusive   Frosty’s   Magic   Snow   for making      those      Santa      tracks!      For skeptical    tots,    the    Evidence    Kit    will rekindle   their   belief   in   Saint   Nick.   And for   those   who   still   believe   with   all   their heart,   Santa's   giant   boot   print   and   his very    own    glasses    will    be    completely magical.   Watch   their   faces   light   up   as they   take   in   the   proof   of   Santa's   visit! Includes    small    parts    not    suitable    for children under 4.
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Official North Pole Mail's Santa Sleigh License Santa's   License   is   an   inexpensive   and   simple   way   to   give   your   kids   a   memorable   and   magical   Christmas   they   will   never   forget...   The Christmas that Santa dropped his license! Just   imagine...   It's   Christmas   morning   and   the   kids   race   down   to   the   Christmas   tree   to   see   what   Santa   left   for   them...   and   there   in   the excitement   one   notices   that   Santa   must   have   dropped   his   sleigh   driver   license   while   he   was   there!   It's   unquestionable   proof   of   Santa's visit! Santa's   License   is   all   the   Santa   proof   your   kids   will   ever   need!   Imagine,   your   child   wakes   on   Christmas   morning   to   find   not   only   presents, but to their surprise, Santa Claus dropped his Sleigh Driver's License while he was there! Santa's   License   is   a   genuine   looking   novelty   Sleigh   Driver's   License   issued   to   Santa   Claus,   from   the   North   Pole   Department   of   Public Safety. Santa's License looks completely real, your kids absolutely will believe it is Santa's REAL license! Santa's   License   was   designed   based   off   of   real   state   issued   driver   license,   and   looks   completely   real!   The   front   of   Santa's   License   features an   official   seal   of   the   North   pole   Department   of   Public   safety,   Santa's   photo,   info   and   signature.   Featured   on   the   back   side   of   Santa's License   you'll   find   a   realistic   magnetic   strip   and   barcode,   as   well   as   a   list   of   endorsements   and   restrictions.Santa's   License   is   very   durable, and   will   last   a   lifetime.   The   card   is   made   of   durable   30ml   thick   glossy   plastic.   The   printing   is   superb   quality,   in   brilliant   color.   Santa's License looks completely real... this isn't your ordinary novelty Santa License! Don't   be   worried   about   having   Santa's   License   mailed   right   to   your   door,   because   we   send   Santa's   License   in   a   plain   envelope   to   avoid suspicions   upon   arrival.      Along   with   your   Santa's   License,   we'll   also   send   you   a   list   of   suggestions   on   where   to   drop   it,   and   what   to   do   if   the kids want to return it to Santa.
SANTA-CLUES  Official North Pole Evidence Kit (WITHOUT Sleigh License) $24.99 In Stock
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