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Frosty’s Magic Snow
Frosty's   Magic   Snow®   is   the   first   and   original   instant   snow   that actually   erupts.   No   stirring   required.   Just   add   water   and   watch   it erupt   into   snow   in   seconds.      It's   the   magic   snow   that   actually   made Frosty The Snowman. Frosty's    Magic    Snow®    is    the    original    Instant    Snow    powder    that turns   ordinary   water   into   a   white   fluffy   substance   that   looks   like real   snow   in   seconds!   You   won't   believe   your   eyes.   Just   add   water to   the   mysterious   white   powder   and   in   seconds   the   transformation begins. The   water   magically   changes   into   a   fluffy   white   powder   that   looks just like snow. How does Frosty's Magic Snow® work? It's    a    safe,    non-hazardous    material    that    acts    like    microscopic sponges    to    create    an    amazing,    erupting    experience.    Don't    be fooled    by    imitations!    Frosty's    Magic    Snow®    is    the    only    snow powder   that   actually   erupts.   No   stirring   -   no   mixing   -   no   messing around. Just add water and wait for the ooohs and ahhhs!
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FUN SIZE PACKET Makes Over 1 Quart $3.99
SMALL POUCH Makes Over 1 Gallon $9.99
LARGE POUCH Makes Over 2 Gallons $14.99
XL POUCH Makes Over 4 Gallons $24.99