The experience and memories of a good Santa Letter can last a lifetime, for both the children and the parents.

Do you remember how exciting it used to be to get something...anything in the mail? Now imagine if that something was a personal letter from Santa Claus...that mentions everything on your own wish list and what you have done to deserve them.

When a child, anticipating the most magical time of the year, poetically writes her heartfelt letter to Santa Claus there is no doubt in her mind that her letter will be delivered. You might be surprised, however, to learn she's most likely correct. You see, even if the envelope bares nothing more than Santa's name inscribed in crayon but with the utmost sincerity, like thousands do every year that letter will most likely make it to Santa Claus.... But what if Santa could respond to her with a personal letter of his own? Well now he can!

Knowing how much this one simple family tradition means to so many already we have brought this unforgettable holiday treasure to your home via the power of the internet. Using our simple and fun online Santa Letter Designer you can easily personalize your letters in minutes. Then, based on the date you wish Santa to mail this special letter, these truly magical letters, are postmarked with Santa's huge postmark and mailed straight to your child's mailbox.

This is truly an opportunity to create a level of excitement that will only come once in a lifetime.
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Postcards are great anytime of the year!  Birthdays, Graduation, Behavior Reminders, Other Holidays.  We Even Have Postcards That Show Santa On Vacation.
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Heirloom Quality w/ Collectors Box!
Santa's REAL Key 
6 Inches Long 
Just add water and watch your child's eyes (and the parent's eyes) grow huge!
Deep down every child worries they might not be on Santa's Nice List. They'll be thrilled to know they "Made The Cut."
Heirloom Quality Textured Linen Paper

Full Color Silver Foil Lined Envelope
Seeing is often believing, these kits leave no doubt that Santa visited them and left behind proof of his visit.
A actual out of service Christmas bell taken directly from Rudolph's sleigh harness.
Autographed By Santa Himself.  Personalized To The Recipient.
Heirloom Quality w/ Collectors Box!
Santa's Wish Angel
6 Inches Long. 
* Heirloom Quality Linen Paper * Official North Pole Postmark *
* Full Color Silver Foil Lined Envelope * 20 Background Options *
* 40+ Text Options * Specialty Letters Available *

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Dear Santa’s Official Northpole Mail:

THANK YOU for bringing an almost unbelievable level of excitement, joy and happiness to an 8yr-old boy and to his 6 yr-od sister with your Letters from Santa, Certificate, snow and Santa’s Key ! Their reactions were completely unexpected, where their mother commented, “Omg ! They got it yesterday !!! The quality and presentation was awesome!!! I'm almost ashamed I never had a letter from Santa arranged for my XXX and YYY. Thank You for making my children Happy!! They both were ecstatic !! XXX LOVED IT!!! She couldn't believe it !! YYYY was super excited asking for toys !! What a great experience…had to take a picture. Of course we had to make the snow !! So fun !! XXX even wrote back to Santa! ” 6 yr-old Girl’s Thank You Letter back to Santa stated, “It is the best gift I’ve seen. I’m so happy. I love it so much ! I’m going to have so much fun, today.” The children’s reactions were even more unexpected coming from two of the sweetest, but well-traveled & privileged children.

So, I can’t thank you enough for not only your very high-quality presentation, but for the priceless memory and joy that your letters & “extras” brought to these two children’s lives !  Your website also made editing the letters so easy, where I combined not only few letters together, but was easily able to insert personal info for each child, which made the letters even more believable to them.

Thank you, again !
James N.
Beverly Hills, CA
Special Pre-Written Text Available For:
  • Baby's First
  • Disappointed
  • Disbelieving
  • Kindergarten
  • Reply Letter
  • Well Behaved
  • Many More
  • Write Your Own
Heirloom Quality w/ Collectors Box!
Religious/Inspirational Themed Key
Pewter - 6 Inches Long. 
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Our Letter to Santa Kits are officially registered at the North Pole and are sent to you by Santa himself.