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“I Believe” Reindeer Bell
Heirloom Quality with Satin Collectors Box! Can Be Passed Down For Generations! An actual out of service Christmas bell taken directly from Rudolph's sleigh harness. “I Believe” Reindeer Bell When you believe in Santa's Sleigh, Miracles on Christmas Day. That the North Pole's full of tiny Elves, Who make the toys and stock the shelves. That magic happens Christmas Eve, When you hear the jingle and believe. Then you're lucky through and through, Because when you believe ... Your dreams come true! - Holly Reagan -
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“I BELIEVE” REINDEER BELL with Collector’s Box $19.99 In Stock
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A TIP FROM SANTA "Here at Official North Pole Mail every item you order can have a unique shipping address.  This makes shipping to multiple recipients easy." THIS ITEM CAN BE ADDED AS AN UPGRADE DURING THE SANTA LETTER DESIGN PROCESS! This item can also be ordered from this page and can be shipped from Santa to the recipient bearing the Official North Pole Postmark or shipped discretely from us.