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Santa’s Magic Key
Heirloom Quality with Keepsake Collectors Box! Can Be Passed Down For Generations! Not A Little Toy Key, This Is Santa's Real Key! Antiqued Bronze Colored Key - 6 Inches Long Make sure Santa finds everyone on his list — with or without a chimney. Unlock your child's imagination during the holiday season! Includes: Santa Key - Red Silk Ribbon - Keepsake Box - Story of how the key works. This is Santa's magic key, it only works for him. And if you use it properly, he's surely to get in. So don't forget to hang it on your front door Christmas Eve; Crawl into bed and close your eyes and make sure you believe. And in your dreams you just might hear the jingle of his sleigh. That's filled with toys for good girls and boys to find on Christmas Day.
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SANTA’S MAGIC KEY with Collector’s Box Burgundy Box / Antique Finish Recommended Ages 4 to 120 years $19.99 In Stock
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SANTA’S MAGIC KEY (key only) without Collector’s Box Shiny Finish Recommended Ages 4 to 120 years $9.99 In Stock