Worldwide Delivery
Our Unique Postmark
(This is a copy of the 2022 postmark that we attach to each letter.) Our postmark changes each year and includes the year in big bold numbers! THIS POSTMARK IS PROTECTED BY U.S. COPYRIGHT
So what is the return address on the letter and what does it look like?
Where is the North Pole? The North Pole is NOT in Alaska! The North Pole is also NOT in North Pole, Indiana so why should we postmark our letters from there? If the North Pole was in Alaska then we could take our kids there and disturb Santa all year long. That is not the case. The North Pole is secluded where it is very hard to disturb Santa. Why would he put his workshop in the middle of a city in Alaska anyway? The North Pole is in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. In summer the temperatures are near 0 centigrade and there is light. This is when Santa Claus sleeps and rest most of the year. He also likes to travel the world so he may not even be home during the summer. In winter the temperature is about -30 centigrade and it is dark. Under the cover of this darkness is when the workshop comes alive making toys and begins preparing for the big night. It is often said that the Reindeer practice their flying under the cover of this darkness and that's why they have never been spotted flying in the daylight. Then where are the letters postmarked from? I know you're scratching your head and asking yourself if the letters are not post marked in North Pole, Alaska like all the others on the Internet then where are they postmarked from. That's simple. We have customized our own postmark that we apply before the letters ever go to a post office. We apply this special postmark on every letter we send out. That included with electronic postage. The huge North Pole postmark is what really draws attention to it.
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