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Frosty’s Magic Snow
FROSTY’S MAGIC SNOW BIG ONE-POUND BAG (Makes 8 Gallons +) Recommended Ages 4 to 120 years $34.99 In Stock
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Makes Fluffy Artificial Snow in Seconds! Just   add   water   and   the   powder   instantly   erupts   into   amazing   artificial   snow   that   looks   and   feels like   the   real   thing.   Technically,   it's   a   superabsorbent   polymer   (if   you   really   want   to   know),   but   it looks   and   feels   like   the   real   thing.   It's   so   realistic   that   it's   being   used   in   indoor   snowboarding parks   and   by   special   effects   artists   in   movies.   Once   you   start   playing   with   the   stuff,   you   just can't put it down. Includes   mixing   instructions   to   mix-up   a   perfect   batch   every   time.   Recommended   for   children ages 4 and up with adult supervision.     * Quarter-Pound Bag   2 gallons coverage area: 25 cm (10") x 36 cm (14") x 10 cm (4")     * Half-Pound Bag 4 gallons coverage area: 36 cm (14") x 51 cm (20") x 10 cm (4")     * Big One-Pound Bag  8 gallons coverage area: 51 cm (20") x 76 cm (30") x 10 cm (4") How does it work? Just   mix   a   cup   of   water   with   a   teaspoon   of   Frosty's   Magic   Snow®   powder   and   within   seconds, the   liquid   turns   into   a   solid   and   then   erupts   into   a   fluffy   white,   snow-like   material   (no   mixing required).   Watch   in   amazement   as   it   instantly   expands   up   to   100   times   its   original   volume.   It's not   sticky   or   clumpy   like   other   Insta-Snow   imitations.   Frosty's   Magic   Snow®   is   the   only   brand   of snow   polymer   that   actually   erupts   into   a   fluffy   white   powder.   Frosty's   Magic   Snow®   doesn't melt, it's long-lasting, and it's even reusable after it dries out. Perfect for holiday decorating.