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This   terms   of   use   and   disclaimer   is   a   legal   agreement   between   you   the   customer   and   the   Official   Tooth   Fairy   Mail   website. Please   read   the   agreement   carefully   before   making   your   purchase.   By   doing   business   online   with   Official   Tooth   Fairy   Mail,   you become   a   customer   of   our   service,   and   you   agree   to   be   bound   by   the   terms   and   conditions   of   this   agreement   for   as   long   as   you continue   to   be   a   customer.   If   you   do   not   agree   to   the   terms,   please   do   not   order   from   the   Official   Tooth   Fairy   Mail   website service. Terms of Use The   Official   Tooth   Fairy   Mail   website,   is   an   organization   who   provides   the   ability   for   parents,   guardians,   family   members,   and friends   to   send   children   letters   from   the   Tooth   Fairy.   Official   Tooth   Fairy   Mail   is   also   an   organization   who   is   a   large   contributor to Selected Charities specifically those who help children. Links This   site   contains   links   to   other   websites.   Please   be   aware   that   the   Official   Tooth   Fairy   Mail   website   is   not   responsible   for   the privacy   practices   of   other   web   sites.   We   encourage   our   users   to   be   aware   when   they   leave   our   site   and   to   read   the   privacy statements   of   each   and   every   web   site   that   collects   personally   identifiable   information.   This   privacy   statement   applies   solely   to information collected by this web site ( www.OfficialToothFairyMail.com ). Official Tooth Fairy Mail Cancellation Policy We   understand   things   come   up   and   you   may   want   to   cancel   your   order.   In   the   event   this   happens   be   sure   and   Contact   Us    and in   the   email   include   your   name,   order   number,   and   your   e-mail   address.   If   you   notify   us   within   twenty   four   hours   after   you place   your   order   and   before   your   order   is   shipped   we   will   gladly   refund   the   total   amount   paid   for   the   order.   Please   be   advised no refunds are given on contributions made to Selected Charities. Credit Cards and Charge Backs The   customer   agrees   that   by   shopping   on   the   Official   Tooth   Fairy   Mail   website   they   agree   to   pay   for   products   and   services   at the   time   of   check   out.   If   for   any   reason   a   customer   would   like   to   receive   a   credit   for   any   reason   they   will   adhere   to   the   Official Tooth   Fairy   Mail   cancellation   policy   found   in   the   above   section.   Furthermore   the   customer   affirms   they   will   contact   Official Tooth   Fairy   Mail   on   any   disputes   regarding   any   charges   to   their   credit   card   prior   to   escalating   issues   to   their   credit   card company. Changes in Our Terms of Use and Disclaimers If our Terms of Use and Disclaimers change in a way that will materially affect our customers we will notify them by e-mail or post a notice of the changes on our web site.
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