Dear Santa’s Official North Pole Mail, Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I received the 3 Santa Keys in the mail today and am so very happy with them!  I have searched online at eBay and many other sites hoping to find one that looked like it would be actual heirloom quality that can be used for many many many years to come.  When I found your website, I fell in love with the look of that key and debated a couple days before ordering.  I am sure glad I did.  The keys are beautiful!   One for me and one for each of my two girls who will have this tradition with their families for years to come.  This year, I’ll start it and my Grandson will be thrilled!  Next year, I think I’ll get us Santa’s Wish Angel  :)  Thanks again!   Denise P. Dear Santa’s Official North Pole Mail, My lil guy finally received his letter and Santa's magic key, I've never seen him more excited!!! He wanted to hang the key already, to make sure he doesn't forget lol I'm so happy I did this, well worth it!! Thank you Official North Pole Mail. - Robbie V. Dear Santa’s Official North Pole Mail, THANK YOU for bringing an almost unbelievable level of excitement, joy and happiness to an 8 yr-old boy and to his 6 yr-old sister with your Letters from Santa, Certificate, snow and Santa’s Key ! Their reactions were completely unexpected, where their mother commented, “Omg ! They got it yesterday !!! The quality and presentation was awesome!!! I'm almost ashamed I never had a letter from Santa arranged for my XXX and YYY. Thank You for making my children Happy!! They both were ecstatic !! XXX LOVED IT!!! She couldn't believe it !! YYYY was super excited asking for toys !! What a great experience…had to take a picture. Of course we had to make the snow !! So fun !! XXX even wrote back to Santa! ” 6 yr-old Girl’s Thank You Letter back to Santa stated, “It is the best gift I’ve seen. I’m so happy. I love it so much ! I’m going to have so much fun, today.” The children’s reactions were even more unexpected coming from two of the sweetest, but well-traveled & privileged children.  So, I can’t thank you enough for not only your very high-quality presentation, but for the priceless memory and joy that your letters & “extras” brought to these two children’s lives !  Your website also made editing the letters so easy, where I combined not only few letters together, but was easily able to insert personal info for each child, which made the letters even more believable to them.  Thank you, again ! - James N. - Beverly Hills, CA Dear Santa’s Official North Pole Mail, I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job you all did on the letter from Santa and package we received yesterday. The stationary, the packaging, the seal, etc. were all of super quality. My daughter is 13 and way past the point of receiving a letter from Santa. But I have been doing this for her since she was an infant. Initially, I used a local business who did a fabulous job. The letters were so personalized and the little "gifts" included were always so cute. She still has some of them. Her favorite, and mine, was a small, personalized candy cane ornament that we still hang on the tree. Unfortunately they went out of business and I searched the Internet for another service. I have used several over the years but NONE were like the initial one I used and always somewhat disappointing after having such wonderful letters from Santa from the first company...until now!! Having the option to write your own letter is awesome but having standard letters as nice as yours is also a great thing! My daughter took the tube of North pole snow into her science class today and they had a blast making it even though they are all teenagers! Her science teacher asked her to ask me to email him the name of your company because he has 2 small boys and thought it was a really cool idea. My daughter said to me yesterday when the package came in the mail, "Mom, this package really put me in the Christmas spirit! Even though I know there is no man who comes down the chimney, I still believe in the Christmas spirit! I hope you still get me one of these when I'm in college." And I will. So, thanks for your service! It's fun and no matter how old you are, everyone still likes to get a letter from Santa! Merry Christmas! - Dianne C. Yagelski-Betti Dear Santa’s Official North Pole Mail, I had changed my email address and no longer received the notification from the Santa letter site I have used for my granddaughter for the past 6 years!  I came upon your sight with the delightful letters and immediately sent letters to my granddaughter and her sister!  It took some creative explanations by their mother to tell the oldest one why the stationary and lettering were different - but she succeeded!  As long as I get your email notification for next Christmas, we will be safe.  The girls loved the letters!  I loved the fact that I could choose from so many different letter subjects.  I was able to tailor the letter to their current activities and interests.  Thank goodness I found you! - 2010 Customer Dear Santa’s Official North Pole Mail, We were very pleased with your service. Our 3 yr. old granddaughter was happy and excited to get a letter from Santa Claus. I like the idea that we were able to give a date to when we wanted the letter mailed. Also liked that you gave us  a choice  to pick out something if we wanted to send a little extra with the letter. - Gayle P. Dear Santa’s Official North Pole Mail, You sent out three letters for us two to the same household they arrived on time but the third one got lost. I notified you on 12/19/10 and you responded the next day you mailed a replacement one the 21st of December and it arrived the 23rd. I Thank you for solving this problem with such expedience. We will use your company again. - Thanks Mark and Maxine Dear Santa’s Official North Pole Mail, This was my daughter's 3rd Christmas, and the second time I've ordered her Santa letter through your company.  By far, your company is the best.  You have the best selection of paper, and letters to choose from.  Plus, everything is very high quality.  I actually referred two other people to you, of whom I know ordered letters.  Most definitely, we will be back year after year to order our Santa letters!!  My daughter was nothing but thrilled when it came in the mail and I read it to  her, and she loves stickers, so she had fun giving us all a sticker!  Thank you for having such an inexpensive but high quality service that is making memories for our children year after year! - Tennille W. Dear Santa’s Official North Pole Mail, My grandchildren, ages 8, 4 and 2, loved getting their letters.  They especially liked the reindeer food (which was eaten by the reindeer) and the fact that all three made the "Good List".  The 4 year old was especially glad to hear that news, as she was in some doubt as to where her standing was. They were so surprised to get the letters.  I will be doing this again next year because of the joy that it brought to them.  Thank you for this service. - Mary M. Dear Santa’s Official North Pole Mail, We have ordered the “Baby’s First Christmas” letters for all three of our great-grandchildren on the year of their birth.  Their parents thoroughly enjoyed the letter, and our last little one’s mom was in tears when she opened the letter and certificate.  He was their first child, the mailing really touched her!  The best part is being able to customize the letters as you do so we can personalize each letter for each child.  The letters are always their first Christmas gift, and what an awesome way to start Christmas for all of us!  The letters are in the child’s scrapbook and will be cherished for years to come. Thank you and happy new year! - Geri C. Dear Santa’s Official North Pole Mail, Your letter from Santa was fantastic!!  My daughter (5 at the time) was impressed with the stationary, and the North Pole return address.  It was easy to order, lots of options, and less expensive then many of your competitors, all of which was important to me.  She could not wait to show her letter off to friends, and relatives, and her friends at school were impressed (and some were worried that they did not get a letter also).  I will not hesitate to order from you again. - Ronald H. Dear Santa’s Official North Pole Mail, My grandchildren were very happy with the letters.  They were beautiful (the letters, the grandkids go without saying). They were very impressed with the key-they had been wondering how Santa was going to get in without a chimney. Thank you very much.  - Judi T. - Bellevue,Nebraska Worldwide Delivery Dear Official Tooth Fairy Mail, I bought one of your Tooth Fairy letters and one of your Tooth Fairy pillows last year for my granddaughter Kylie.  She was visiting us and had a loose tooth.  She said it was no big deal because there was no such thing as the Tooth Fairy (some kids at school convinced her this was fact!).  I quickly went online to see how I could rectify the situation.  Your site offered the perfect solution.  I purchased a pillow, and a letter from the Tooth Fairy.  She woke up one morning to find both the pillow and letter waiting for her.  She was blown away!  Needless to say, we have a believer once again.  Thanks so much!  - Lisa from Delaware
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