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Many cultures around the world have traditions related to losing teeth. In some places,children throw their teeth on the roof or bury them in the ground. In the US and many European countries, the Tooth Fairy brings money or small gifts to children who place their tooth under a pillow before going to sleep. You can make the tradition even more fun for your kids by also having them sent a letter from the Tooth Fairy.

When we were little, we dutifully put each lost tooth under our pillow, and the Tooth Fairy always left a coin in return. She never left a letter. But the Tooth Fairy of today always leaves a letter or sends one in the mail right after her visit for many kids because people have discovered that Tooth Fairy letters are great for encouraging kids to brush and floss their teeth.

Kids obviously look forward to getting money from the Tooth Fairy, but a letter will do a better job encouraging them to brush every day by specifically mentioning how important it is to take care of your teeth.

This is truly an opportunity to create a level of excitement that will only come once in a lifetime.
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I bought one of your tooth fairy letters and one of your tooth fairy pillows last year for my granddaughter Kylie.  She was visiting us and had a loose tooth.  She said it was no big deal because there was no such thing as the Tooth Fairy (some kids at school convinced her this was fact!).  I quickly went online to see how I could rectify the situation.  Your site offered the perfect solution.  I purchased a pillow, and a letter from the Tooth Fairy.  She woke up one morning to find both the pillow and letter waiting for her.  She was blown away!  Needless to say, we have a believer once again.  Thanks so much! 
- Lisa from Delaware
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What fairy-loving kid would want to get caught without her fairy dust necklace? Now the kids can take their fairy dust with them wherever they go. Let them sprinkle to their hearts' content and wishes and dreams will come true. (Just don't let them forget that the dust only works when combined with honest effort and hard work!) Comes with a 24" nickel-plated steel rope chain, tiny glass vial filled with fairy dust and cork stopper.
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2014 Official Personalized Tooth Fairy Pillows
We now have Over 100 Tooth Fairy Pillow Designs to choose from in every sport, theme, hobby, and interest you can imagine, and they are all age-appropriate for children who are losing teeth, ages 4-13.

You can help make those tooth-losing years a cherished and magical time by giving your child or grandchild a personalized Tooth Fairy Pillow.  It will become an heirloom the moment we personalize it with the child's name.
Heirloom Quality Textured Linen Paper

Full Color Silver Foil Lined Envelope

20 Background Options

40+ Text Options
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Free Tooth Fairy Stickers Included

Specialty Letters Available

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* The Fairy On Your Letter Will Match The Fairy On Your Certificate And Envelope *

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