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25% Of Every Sale Made!!
Become An Affiliate
What does becoming an affiliate mean?

Becoming a affiliate means you can earn 25% commission from each sale made at any and all of our Internet Innovations personalized letter sites:

Personalized Santa Letters and Gifts
Official North Pole Mail

Personalized Tooth Fairy Letters and Gifts
Official Tooth Fairy Mail

Personalized Easter Bunny Letters and Gifts
Official Easter Bunny Mail

Personalized Cupid Letters and Gifts
Official Cupid Mail
(Coming Soon)

Who's Doing It?

Schools, charities, community groups and fundraisers ( no website required )
If you are fundraising for schools, charities or any other organisation then this program is for you. There is no set up cost and no ongoing fee. We will supply you with everything you need. Simply tell your supporters about our wonderful personalized letters. It's 100% free to join.

If you are interested, simply follow the directions below and send us an email.

Website Owners

If you own or run a website and would like to earn extra money simply by linking to one of our personalized letter sites, then our Affiliate Program is for you. We will supply banners, links and access to earnings. It's 100% free to join.


  • 365 Day Cookies - If your customers come back within 1 YEAR you still get paid.
  • Weekly Payouts ($20 Minimum)
  • Paid Via PayPal
  • Multiple Banners and Landing Pages
  • Conversion Ratio of Almost 30%
  • Unique Commissions Page
  • Track Your Progress Daily
  • Handled By Us Directly - No Middleman Getting Your Money

How To Sign Up

Signing up only takes a few minutes and you will have access to all our creatives and links.  You can start earning money right away!

We look forward to working with you!
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